We all desire a beautiful and stylish closet. But whether you’re planning to build a new one or remodel an existing space, designing a closet is no easy feat. From choosing the perfect lighting to deciding on the right mix of accessories and storage components, a lot goes into designing a perfect closet system in Toronto.

Top tips to follow to design your closet

Inspired by the latest trends in closet organization and style, here are few tips on how to craft a closet that’s both stylish and functional.

Declutter Your Stuff

The first step to begin with planning your dream closet is getting rid of anything and everything that is old, outdated and you won’t wear. To design a closet system, start by taking an inventory of all items you need access to and their frequency.

Plan Ahead

Before you begin with your closet design, carefully think about your preferences and consider the way you want to display your clothes. There are options like see-through glass doors, open shelving, or closed wardrobes. Also, consider how you would like to organize your closet – by function, type, style, color, or brand.

Layout and Style

The layout is a critical factor for exceptional closet organization and storage. The layout is essential to maximize the storage of the closet and make it appear spacious. Consider your closet’s size and shape before determining the kind of layout that best suits your wardrobe space. Ensure to utilize every inch of vertical space by taking cabinetry up to the ceiling. Many closet companies in Toronto offer wardrobe solutions with deep shelving and drawers that provide maximum storage.

Why Custom Closets are Such a Good Idea?

Light Up Your Closet

Whether you have a grand walk-in closet or just a small space to store your wardrobe items, the right kind of lighting can transform the space and elevate the overall effect. A thoughtful lighting design can create a pleasant ambiance and enable you to keep your showcased pieces well-organized. 

The perfect lighting option for your closet depends on its dimensions and your personal preference. Recessed puck lights at top shelves, ribbon lights along the edges, a sparkling chandelier or globe pendant, choose an illumination system that brightens up your dream closet in the best light.

Glamorize Your Closet

Add a glam quotient to your closet by adding luxury elements like full-length mirrors, chandeliers, elegant lighting, a classic island, and stylish decorative hardware. Showcase your possessions in style with see-through glass cabinets or open shelves. Luxurious drapery, recessed lighting, and ottomans, poufs, or antique bench for seating options can add more charm to your opulent closet. 

Small changes like replacing your cabinet handles with gold or crystal knobs can make a huge difference. Choose from a wide range of bespoke closet systems in Toronto that speak luxury and are high on style.

Add a Personal Touch

A closet is a personal space in the house that is distinct and needs to be designed aesthetically to reflect your individuality. It provides more opportunities to bring out your personality. Put the clothes, shoes, and bags you love on the show with a custom-designed dream closet. Adding accessories and unique artifacts are great ways to personalize the closet. 

Another way to customize your wardrobe is to adorn it with bright colors. Colorful artwork, wooden laminates, full-length mirrors, or marble islands – pick a style that suits your needs and accentuates your space. There are various closet companies in GTA that offer closet systems designed to fit within your budget and match your storage needs.

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