Kitchen cabinets provide a fulfilling appearance to your kitchen. If you are one of those people who love to spend time in the kitchen cooking your favourite food, then you need to ensure that you have the right custom made kitchen cabinets at your disposal.

Apart from providing excellent storage space, kitchen cabinet solutions focus on offering convenience while cooking. When you are building a new home, designing the kitchen with the perfect cabinets offers you a great sense of relief.

But what type of kitchen cabinets are best for you? There are a variety of readymade, custom closet built-in systems, and custom cabinets available for installing in your kitchen.

5 types of custom made kitchen cabinets for new homes

While cabinets may only be one part of the kitchen, they play a vital role in pulling together the entire appearance of your cooking area. With the right ones, you can get storage space, aesthetic appeal, and top-notch convenience. Here are 5 types of custom made kitchen cabinets for your new home –

1. Fully assembled cabinets

These are portable kitchen cabinet solutions that you are directly shipped to you. They are fully assembled or ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets for making cabinet installation convenient for you. You can join them using proprietary clips, and they fit easily like a jigsaw puzzle. They are especially suitable if you frequently move from one location to another.

2. Base cabinets

These are similar to custom closet built in systems which support the kitchen countertop. They are installed below the countertops to help to easily access the items for regular use. Base cabinets provide you with far more storage space in the kitchen as they do not take up extra space in the kitchen.

3. Standing cabinets

These are tall cabinets that are 7 to 8 feet in height and are one of the most preferred choices of cabinets. Since they are vertical, they take less installation space and provide more storage capacity. As more and more people continue to dine in their homes, standing cabinets are now gaining popularity amongst people getting a new home.

4. Drawer construction cabinets

Drawers are considered as one of the best custom built kitchen cabinet options. These come in hardwood sides and store the extremely essential items in your kitchen that you use every day. Drawers are more convenient than other types of cabinets as they can be accessed without moving too much. They can be installed below the countertop or adjacent to other cabinets.

How to Build Custom Cabinet Drawers for Kitchen

5. Wall-mounted cabinets

Probably one of the most installed kitchen cabinet solutions for new homes is the wall-mounted cabinets. While they take up extra space in the kitchen, their storage capacity is by far one of the best. They turn the free wall space into storage areas where you can even keep heavy items. Wall cabinets complete the look when their colours contrast with that of the kitchen.

Selecting the right kitchen cabinet can make or break the appearance of your kitchen. Ensure that the cabinets you select will provide maximum storage space and still make your kitchen look compact.