While kitchen interior trends may keep on changing, but you can bet that white kitchens will never be out of style. After all, they create a clean chic statement and provide a plain canvass to employ a wide range of kitchen design ideas. Minimalistic or Vintage, whatever be your preference, the enduring versatility of the ‘classic white’ in kitchen design never ceases to impress.


White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

We have listed few white kitchen cabinet ideas to provide plenty of inspiration for your next renovation. You can transform any kitchen into a stunning designer kitchen by using some of these clever techniques.

Experiment with the Cabinetry

One of the biggest advantages of a white kitchen is that it offers plenty of room for experimenting. Try adding chicken wire to upper cabinets for a rustic touch or galvanized fixtures for a classy elegant look or create a clever spot for collectibles with above-window shelving for modern chic feel.

Show It All

Spruce up your white cabinets with some new glass doors or partially visible glass-paned fronts. It is an interesting way to create a clever spot for collectibles and show off all the cool stuff you have. To further jazz it up, you can add vibrant and flamboyant colors on the inside walls of your glass-front custom kitchen cabinets.

Black or White


Add a bit of Yin and Yang to your kitchen. Balance the light of white hued cabinetry with dark countertop to create a contrasting and bold look. You can easily achieve this with dark wood, quartz or granite countertops. Redefine your kitchen by creating a spectacle of light and dark color spectrum.

Beauty lies in Details

Small details can make a huge difference. Instead of going for a complete makeover, small changes like changing the knobs and pulls of cabinet, installing a small modern rack, painting fixtures in gold accents or adding a bold print kitchen rug can do the trick. Paying attention to details also helps you in saving a lot of unnecessary expenditures and hassle.

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In Contrast to White

Add an element of contrast to break the monotony of white hues and give an instant visual interest to your kitchen. There are plenty of upbeat countertop options that go well with the white cabinet theme and add a healthy amount of contrast and diversity to your kitchen. Open brick façade, bright toned flooring, snazzy backsplash, or dramatic wall art pieces are few other options to bring a new dynamic into play and change the entire look of the kitchen.

Twin Advantage

While white kitchen cabinets are all rage, it requires a high maintenance. A two-toned kitchens with upper white cabinets and base units in dark color will tick both style and practicality boxes. Lower cabinets are more vulnerable to stains and occasional spills, hence dark or grey kitchen cabinets are recommended to endure the marks and stains. Two-toned cabinet themes are not only functional but also add an innovative aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Suit your Style

There are plenty of designs, textures and laminates available for white kitchen cabinet shutters, explore them all before coming to a decision. Whether you’re in the mood for a glossy modern look with acrylic and laminates, or you want to keep things rustic with distressed wood and old fencing, you can use the color white to emphasize your personal style and preference.

Take Style to Great Heights

Kitchens can’t always be huge and spacious. However with clever designing tricks you can make it appear huge. White cabinets are an extremely good option for this, as it creates a wide expanse making the kitchen feel big. You can also fake height with tall, narrow custom kitchen cabinets that make your ceilings appear higher.