It feels great to come across a fully organized closet every morning but in reality most our mornings start with a messy and untidy closet. This is probably because we have more stuff in our closet than its actual capacity. We often forcefully fill every corner of our closets to make it look clean from outside and when we open the door the real scenario comes in front of our eyes. Since it’s a problem that almost all of us face, I have come up with some tricks and tactics that will help you better utilize the space in your closet in an organized way.

Follow these 8 Tips to Organize your Closets

1. Empty and clean your walk in closet

You need to take out time to successfully execute this project. The first step towards having an organized closet is to make it empty and clean it properly. Pull out everything from your wardrobe and give it a deep clean. You can start from wiping down the shelves and continue with scrubbing the scuff marks on the wall.

2. De-clutter

Now when you have taken all your clothes out of your cupboard, it will be easier for you to sort out clothes from the fabric mountain on your bed to discard the ones that you have not worn for more than a year. You can always filter your clothes by separating them into different categories like pants, dresses, tops, accessories and your inner garments. It is always more convenient to sort clothes of similar patterns. When de-cluttering is done, make a promise to yourself that you won’t waste your cupboard space by keeping unwanted things in it.

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3. Design your dream closet

If you have taken up a DIY closet organizing project then you need to make sure that you work with whatever you have. Focus on your closet’s advantageous features like a built in shelve or vertical storage space etc. for the hard to reach areas of your wardrobe, plan out how to utilize them.

4. Use hangers to keep your fancy clothes

Even if you have enough space in your closet to hang everything, it is better to hang only your fancy clothes. It not only makes your closet look good but also keeps your delicate items like, dresses, skirts, suits, blazers etc safe.

5. Stack your thick items

You can save a lot of space in your closet by stacking up your heavy clothes like winter garments, denims etc. These are the perfect stacks for your shelf space their thickness ensure that they won’t slump, crinkle or lose their shape if you stack them. This will help you find your items easily as you will able to see your clothes clearly with this arrangement.

6. Use storage boxes to keep your tshirts, pajamas and workout clothes

The clothes made of thin fabrics have amazing space saving capacities if kept in a proper way. For the best utilization of space you need to use the roll and tuck technique to keep them. You can fold them half and roll them into neat little cubes and place them in the storage box.

7. Hang scarves on hanger

Hangers are the best option for your scarves as it keeps them wrinkle free. Moreover you can easily access your scarves whenever you need them on a regular basis.

8. Keep your frequently used clothes at eye level

Try to keep the clothes you frequently wear in the middle of your closet at eye level so that you can grab your clothes in the morning when you are in a hurry.

DIY closet organizing is not a big or complicated project if you plan it properly and go step by step. I hope these above mentioned tips will help you keep your closet clean and tidy. If you do not want to go for a DIY method, you can always have the option to professionally organize your closet with professional custom closet solutions. To get in touch with a local professional just type closet organizer near me in Toronto.