Won’t it be great if your closet is organized? The idea of finding your party tops and formal wears easily, is tempting. Isn’t it? We know you are giving a mental yes. Orderly storage systems make life simple.

Steps to organizing your custom wardrobe and closet –

How you go about it depends upon the shape and size of your wardrobes and the collection you have. However, here are a few basic steps to help you out –

  • Empty your closet completely
  • Clean your closet. Give it a proper deep clean and wipe every shelf
  • Get rid of things you need no more. Either donate, recycle or sell them
  • Organize your clothes by grouping all similar items. Make a note of the features and design of your closet and get creative while you use that space
  • Hang all your delicate and fancy items like coats, blazers, skirts, etc
  • Stack items like pieces of denim that are thick in design because they don’t lose shape and use the space in the best way.
  • Meanwhile, roll all your pyjamas, t-shirts, etc. if you have a storage box
  • Plan and ensure that you never clutter the closet again

If you still find yourself hunting for your favourite apparel, then closets storage solutions like door organizers, hanging shelves, etc. can help. These may create more space for you and allow you to access more area in your closet. They will also provide an appealing look to your wardrobe and add to the beauty of the space. For example –

  • A Step stool can make you reach more area on the top
  • Over the door, racks can help you store either your shoes or all your accessories
  • Hangers can help you utilize the horizontal space better
  • Storage boxes can help you store t-shirts, workout clothes, or your lingerie
  • Vacuum-Sealed Bags can store your large bed sheets or sweaters in less space

Beware before you spend your money on expensive closets storage solutions. Before you do so, look into your closet and plan your needs. Measure the space you have and access the real need or consult experts such as Closet Studio for the best storage solutions Brampton.

Custom Wardrobes

Unlike the modular fixed size and design wardrobes, custom wardrobes can be made as per your needs and the space in the house. They can be made to utilize every corner of your house and best fit any door or beam. They can be made to leave enough space to walk in your bedroom or can be integrated with a dresser. They can come along with closets storage solutions to help you manage the wardrobe even in the long run.

What is the Best Wood for Custom Wardrobes?

A range of colors and finishes of custom wardrobes are best for the people looking for offbeat solutions to manage their limited storage space. It enhances the beauty of the room, along with giving you the feel of having a premium wardrobe.

The Closet Studio has got you covered with innovative storage solutions Brampton and around. We integrate your lifestyle in the design and give you the best functionality with our storage solutions and custom wardrobes.