5 ways to glamorize a reach in closet

A disorganized closet is like a dirty little secret of a gorgeous looking home that is hidden behind closed doors. No matter how much you try to hide it, every morning you need to face it. Almost all of us dream of owning a large and glamorous dressing area in our home.

Unique closet studio solutions to fit your lifestyle with a custom reach-in closet.

A dream closet means a closet with fully organized clothes arranged depending on colors and season, a separate place for expensive shoes and jewelries etc.

Having a closet like this not only soothes our eyes but also perfectly matches with your beautiful home.

Even if you are someone like me who does not own a dream closet but want it, you can make it by following the below mentioned tips

1. Clean out

Cleaning your reach-in closet is the first step towards achieving your dream closet. An overstuffed closet can never bring the essence of luxury into your dressing area. If you have a considerably big closet, you can arrange your clothes according to the season or color.

For example, you can keep your out of the season clothes somewhere else. I am sure we all have clothes that we have not worn for a long time. It is better to discard those clothes that you have not worn for more than a year.

Trust me you will be astonished to see how much space they had been occupying at your closet. You can either sell your discarded clothes or donate them.

2. Organize things

Closet organizers can add high efficiency to your closet organizing project. You should spend some time on deciding the way you want to set up your closet and how a closet organizer near me can help you out in this before purchasing it.

3. Work on your doors

Most of the builders prefer sliding doors but trust me they are not always the most practical option for you. It is true that they save space as they do not open into the room but sliding doors only allow partial view at once. If you don’t have a space boundary then you can always go for bi-fold, pocket or even barn doors which showcase your closet entirely at once. In order to decorate your doors you can add mirror, trim work, corkboard, chalkboard and more to it.

4. Lighting

Usually reach-in closets do not come with lighting, because of which a part of a closet remains lost in shadows. You can simply get rid of this problem by fixing recessed lights inside your closet to illuminate your gorgeous outfits.

Battery operated LED lights are also a good option for you in this purpose which eliminates the need of hardwire. They come with special sensor lights that are motion activated so that they automatically get turned on when you need them.

5. Add colors

People tend to forget about the inside of the closet as it remains hidden behind the doors.

Painting the area can instantly bring smile on your face whenever you open the door of your closet. You also have the option to color your storage baskets and containers to beautify the entire space.

These above mentioned tips for decorating your closet according to your taste will help you achieve your desired look for your wardrobe.