Refacing Your Kitchen? Here are Some Handy Tips

When was the last time you remodelled your kitchen cabinet? If it has been a while, then it’s time to reface the kitchen as per current needs and trends. But, remodelling a kitchen is a bigger challenge than what meets the eye.

What Do We Mean by Refacing the Kitchen?

With some amazing products available in the market, you can actually pick the most feasible kitchen cabinet solution without disturbing the basic layout. This implies, providing custom made kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, kitchen slabs, windows, doors, and more.

The advantage?

You can start your kitchen refacing without the hassle of undertaking much repair work. There are numerous custom cabinet makers like ClosetStuiod in Mississauga and surrounding the Greater Toronto Area, that will provide you with customized cabinet designs. Through this, you’ll be able to save on your budget, time, and manpower.

Now that it’s time to make changes and get updated, let’s get going!

Tips for Refacing Your Kitchen

1. Set out a goal

Why are you refacing your kitchen?

You should have a clear answer to these questions.

  • Does the kitchen look outdated as per current trends?
  • Do you host events frequently and need a suitable setup?
  • Are the existing kitchen surfaces worn out and need a makeover?
  • Is it finally time to spend some money and build your dream kitchen?

Once you are clear about what you want from the kitchen refacing, you can go ahead and plan other details.

2. Meticulous Planning

This is the most important stage of refacing the kitchen. You have to decide on the budget and plan the new design of your kitchen- the materials to be used, colour schemes, and the style; whether you prefer contemporary, modern, trendy, classic, and more. Options are galore, but you must carefully lay out a detailed plan and stick to it while refacing.

You might have to improvise the design as the work progresses, but make sure you do not keep changing ideas at every stage. This will ensure that the execution process is carried out smoothly and the budget does not change radically.

3. Decide the basic kitchen style 

Now that you are finally refacing your kitchen, decide on one main design that reflects the style of your kitchen. Do you prefer the old world charm, the Mediterranean classics, or do you like modern and minimalist designs? Sit with your architect and decide the overall look of your kitchen and design and select all features and fixtures accordingly. 

Tip– your kitchen should exude your style of living, try bringing out your persona in the kitchen style.

4. Take up individual elements

You have decided on the overall look of the kitchen, now take up the elements individually. Some points to consider are:

white kitchen cabinets
  • How will you remodel the sink, the counter-tops, will the materials be the same or different?
  • Do you want kitchen cabinets, doors, and windows? Or will you like to consult an experienced custom cabinet maker who offers a huge variety of cabinet designs?
  • Do you also want new light fittings, cooking, and cleaning gadgets? If yes, what should their style be?
  • Will the flooring and walls also be given a new look?

And yes, remember that all the individual fittings and fixtures must complement each other in design, style, and colour. 

5. Value vs. Aesthetics 

We all like to select the designs that are functional as well as add aesthetic value to the work area. Most often, we have to balance between design and functionality while keeping the budget in mind. Sometimes your budget might not allow you to select the best cabinet-top design as it would be directed to the extreme luxury end. Explore more options, you will definitely find something that suits both your budget and taste. 


Since the kitchen is the nodal point of the home, refacing the kitchen will impact the entire household and living conditions of the members. Custom kitchen cabinets are effective solutions to get great designs and save time and money. 

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