The primary purpose of the wardrobe is to store your clothes and help you achieve an appealing look. However, the look of your wardrobe is also important. Custom wardrobes can enhance the entire appeal of the room it is in. From texture to the colour, the wardrobe design can add to the beauty of the space.

There are different types of wardrobes and closet storage solutions that you can opt for. You can get a walk-in wardrobe, standalone, full height or a wardrobe with a loft. Whichever one you choose, the material of the wardrobe is a significant factor in determining how it will support your room.

Wardrobes can be generally made of particleboard, fibre, or wood. Most people prefer wood for custom closets Mississauaga as it is a strong material for storing heavy components as well. While wardrobes hold only clothes and beauty accessories, wood can offer a sophisticated look to the entire space.

Best wood for custom wardrobes

There are multiple options for wood wardrobes that you can install in your space. It depends on your usage, budget, and how much heavy stuff you want to put in the wardrobe. Some of the best wood for custom closets Mississauga includes –

1. Plywood

One of the strongest woods for wardrobe is plywood. It is made up of 5 layers of wood. Plywood doesn’t warp or sag as the material is resistant to bending. It is the preferred choice for wardrobes as it can easily hold heavy stuff. There are moisture-resistant, waterproof, and marine plywoods available in the market. Plywood shelves can be made stronger by adding another layer of an inch or 2 thick wood strip and attaching it to the lower end. Although plywood is relatively expensive, it is a durable wood for building custom wardrobes.

2. Solid Wood

Unless you don’t want to store heavy items in your wardrobe, solid wood is perfect for your storage space. Many design enthusiasts who wish to give their wardrobe a class, natural and texture-filled look prefer simple softwood for custom storage solutions. Although it is heavy, solid wood costs less than plywood and does its job of holding clothes and accessories without bending or sagging. However, solid wood doesn’t allow customizing options as compared to plywood or MDF.

3. MDF

MDF is Medium Particle Fibreboard. It is not exactly wood but made out of wood residue that’s been moulded into sheets for custom closets Mississauga. They provide various customization options and offer a smooth finish as it is made from fine wood particles. It allows you to paint on easily and is much more affordable than plywood or solid wood. On the other hand, it is also an environment-friendly option along with smoother edges that provide a decorative look and feel to the wardrobe.

Deciding on the right kind of wood is extremely important when it comes to building your custom wardrobes. If you are looking for a smoother finish with customizing options, then MDF is the best. However, for walk-in closets that hold heavy stuff, a mixture of solid wood, plywood, and MDF can be opted for.

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