Modular kitchens not only look modern and fashionable they are manageable and known for their functional properties. The main function of a modular kitchen is to keep the kitchen area clean and organized. To enjoy all the benefits of a modular kitchen cabinet solution, you need to make some arrangements before installing it.


In this blog, we will be discussing about the preparation you need to make before installing the modular kitchen at your home.

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1. Consider space

A modular kitchen design to a great extent depends on the amount of space you have in your kitchen area. For instance, for smaller kitchen space, a parallel or straight kitchen would be a suitable option, otherwise the area would look cramped. On the other hand, in a kitchen with larger space you can use L or U shaped or ISLAND type kitchen designs.

2. Analyze storage requirements

Planning about your storage requirement is extremely important when it comes to your kitchen. Starting from drawers, affordable kitchen cabinets to tall units everything fall under this category. The storage capacity of your kitchen highly depends on the way you utilize space. For example, how you store your groceries or supplies weekly or monthly. In case you have elderly people in your family you can use pull outs/ drawers as storage options.

3. Electrical fixtures

It is very important that you think about the electrical and plumbing points before gearing up for the design work, especially if you are living in an apartment. When it comes to an independent house, this decision can be taken in accordance with the modular units. Besides this, you must make sure that your kitchen has an easy outlet for water, it has enough light and properly ventilated.

4. Countertop

A kitchen countertop is something that deserves your attention before anything else as it determines the durability of your kitchen. You need to select the countertop material like marble, granite or engineered stone based on the type of cooking is done at your kitchen.

5. Choose reflector colors

While selecting colors for your kitchen, try to avoid dark shades like black and brown because they are not good light reflectors. Add high quality lightings to the space and install electric chimney over the cooking range to facilitate sufficient ventilation.

6. Plan a smooth walking area

In order to avoid any kind of mess in your kitchen area, you must have a solid plan for the areas between the cooking, washing and stocking space. The appropriate distance between these areas and the countertop is three feet. Similarly keep your appliances in such a way that it does not look cluttered.

7. Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is an inseparable part of your kitchen that is directly related to the safety of the space. This is the reason why large windows are suggested for the kitchen area. In case you have space crunch or design issues in your kitchen you can always go for adequate chimneys and exhausts as a useful alternative to such large windows.

8. Drawers or cabinets

If you wish to make the best utilization of your kitchen storage space, try out sectional drawers instead of cabinets. Additionally, you can also use a steel wood combination for long lasting results.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you to achieve the desired look for your brand-new modular kitchen.