A lot of people out there, dream of having an organized kitchen and when they face the kitchen every morning, they simply drop the idea of turning the dream into a reality. If you are also one of them then this blog is for you. in order to solve the issue, you need to go to the root of it. whether you have noticed or not the truth is, behind every messy kitchen, there are messy kitchen cabinets. They are the real troublemakers.

kitchen cabinets organizer

So, if you wish to have a clean and organized kitchen, you must focus on organizing your kitchen cabinets. These cupboards hold almost everything in your kitchen which is why it easily gets cluttered. However, the good news is that following a few simple steps you can keep your cabinets organized and clean. In this blog, I have mentioned the necessary steps that you can take to clean up the mess in your kitchen cabinet.

Step 1 – take everything out of your kitchen cabinets

Firstly, you need to take out each and every item from the cabinets. Though it might be a bit stressful, this is the only way you can clean up the entire cabinet and declutter it. Sometimes unknowingly we stock up things that we do not use anymore. You can easily notice such things when you take all the things out of the cabinet. It becomes much easier for you to declutter and clean up space when you do that.


Step 2 – clean it up thoroughly and decide what stays in which place

The second step is obviously cleaning up the entire cabinet and decide what you want to keep in each of the cabinets. You can organize things according to the frequency of their usage.  For example, the best place for pots and pans is near the stove whereas appliances must be kept near the preparation area.

Step 3 – use a separate bin to keep your rarely used ingredients

Try to keep the spices and other cooking ingredients that you do not use on a regular basis in a separate bin. Label each and every container so that next time when you need them to make something special you can easily find them in the bin.

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Step 4 – arrange everything according to color

Arranging everything according to their colors has two main benefits. On one side it makes your cabinet look good and on the other, it also makes it easy for you to find things when you need them. You can organize spices and other ingredients in this way.

Step 5 – say bye to your shelf organizer

A lot of people tend to use shelf organizers to arrange things in their kitchen cabinets which in reality, makes things look messier. These containers not only consume space in the cabinet but also eventually get dirty and grimy inside. Moreover, they also block the view from outside. So, if you also have them in your kitchen, it is better to get rid of them.

Step 6 – use pocket organizers

If small kitchen items are making your cupboards messy, you can consider using pocket organizers to arrange them. For example, pocket organizers can be used on the door in which you can keep your peanut butter packets or soap packets etc. You need to ensure that the organizers do not interfere with the shelf. You can go to the flattest variety you get.

I hope these steps will make it easy for you to organize your kitchen cabinets. All you need to do is to push yourself a bit to do the job. If you are looking for closet storage systems for your kitchen, you can visit closetstudio.ca to find the best match for your kitchen. Give us a call on 905-629-9355 to get a quote of your kitchen cabinets.