Your Kitchen Could Be The Best Part Of Your House With These 10 Tips

The modern decor themes have evolved the concept of the kitchen from a hidden culinary space to the center of attention. From island kitchens to open-plan built kitchens, these ingenious spaces reflect the lively heart of your home. So, make your kitchen come to life by following these tips to design your perfect space.


1. Peninsulas or Island Design

If you have space, an island kitchen is just the perfect thing for you. It creates a sociable hangout zone for your family and can be tailored as per your custom needs.

Peninsulas offer similar perks to that of an island kitchen. However, these kitchen designs are more suitable for small spaces where an island kitchen may not fit.

They are designed to bring visual clarity to space, as well as to identify the various places you expect to prepare, dine or lounge.

“If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life.”

2. Construct Ample Seating Room

Create a booth to function, dine, relax, and amuse the little ones for a modern feel. One great option for the smaller kitchens is built-in or slide-out seating. Another essential addition to a modern kitchen is a farmhouse table.

3. Place Your Appliances Smartly

Minute detailing such as the refrigerator and microwave position can define your kitchen space and its functionality. Make sure your sink and dishwasher do not distract from the fascinating attractions of your kitchen.

4. Install A Swing-Out Tap

Are you tired of filling pots of waters and carrying it to the cooktop to make your meal, swing-out taps are the solution. These taps are installed at a convenient distance from the cooktop and facilitate in the direct filling up of your cooking utensils on the cooktop.

5. Design With Light Colours

The use of dark colours in small spaces tends to shrink the actual size of the room. Consider using light colours to design your small-spaced kitchen to give it a visually expansive feel.

6. Centralize Your Design to a Focal Point

It’s natural to develop the urge to fill your kitchen with exclusive designer tiles, splashy colours, and other heavily designed decors that attract attention.

This can easily lead to the mistake of overdoing it and give your contemporary kitchen a tacky look. Therefore find a focal point to the kitchen and design the surrounding with a theme that compliments the center of attention.

7. Find a Safe Spot for Sharp Objects

If you have children living in your house, it becomes important to keep the sharp objects at a safe distance. Magnetic strips installed in the right position could be the perfect solution for sorting and managing your knives and other sharp objects.

8. Arrange Essentials Near The Cooktop

It is inconvenient when you have to reach the other half of the kitchen, searching for the spatula while burning your pancake. Make sure your everyday utilities are at a visual distance from your cooktop.

9. Design Roomy Walkways

The recommended kitchen paths should at least be 36 inches in width for a comfortable walking and cooking space. So make sure you keep that in mind when designing your contemporary kitchen as the heart of your home.

10. Flaunt Your Kitchen With Custom Cabinets

Gone are the days when people stacked their utilities at the deep end of the kitchen. Flaunt your culinary style with Glass Kitchen Cabinets. Also, consider custom kitchen cabinets design ideas to suit your personal tailored needs.

If you’re looking to install a new cabinet layout to your contemporary kitchen design, ensure that you choose a reliable company like Closet Studio to deliver quality services.

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