Whether you have a big kitchen space or a small one, staying organized can be a big challenge especially for people who are dealing with space crunch. Starting from small appliances, utensils, glassware to food and pantry items there is a lot of stuff to store in your kitchen. There are many ways you can utilize the space in your kitchen in a smarter way.


In this blog we will be discussing about some amazing tricks that can help you make better use of every corner of your kitchen so that you can keep your small kitchen organized.

1. Use top of your kitchen cabinets

Cabinet tops can be utilized as an amazing storage in your kitchen where you can keep your special occasion serving platters and also extra pantry supplies that are not used frequently.

2. Put the space above your fridge to good use

You can use the place over your fridge which mostly goes unnoticed as another storage space in your kitchen. You can install a custom storage solution in the space and keep pots, pans and cutting boards in order.

3. Use your windows as storage

This is something that you might never have given a thought about but you can actually make a bold decision by hanging your ports and pans in front of your kitchen window. Don’t hesitate to try this out as it can be a great space saver.

4. Add free standing shelves

You can take ideas from professional restaurant kitchens and add a metal shelf in your room for additional space to keep things like your pots and pans and other appliances.

5. Hang a magnetic knife rack

Show your creative side by using a magnetic knife strip to your wall that gives you the scope to save space in your kitchen. The knife rack is a proof that you don’t need a ton of free space to be creative.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

6. Build a pantry between the studs

When you do not have sufficient space to hang shelves in your kitchen, you can try to add shelves in the wall between the studs. Tiny house owners often use their shallow shelves as a tea station.

7. Store stuff between the fridge and the wall

When your motive is space utilization, you need to make sure not a single corner of your kitchen remains unused. So if you have space in between your fridge and wall, you can slide in a folding step stool or you can also convert the space into a pantry.

8. Use the bottoms of your cabinets

When it looks like your cabinets are totally occupied and no space is left, just take a closer look and consider the undersides of them. In order to utilize the space just add hooks to the bottoms to hold mugs and other small tools, you can make use of magnetic strips to make a floating spice rack.

9. Hang a pegboard

Your walls’ capacity of holding things is much higher than what you think. So try using pegboard instead of hanging a couple or more limiting shelves. Pegboards can be a flexible storage option that can be adjusted over time based on your requirements.

10. Downsize your furniture

Well, your furniture in the kitchen occupies a large space and to deal with the space crunch issue you can simply get a smaller breakfast table like a half moon table instead of a full round one. Putting the straight side against the wall enhances the beauty of the space.

I hope these ideas will help you solve your kitchen space organizing problems permanently. So try out these tricks and make smarter choices for your kitchen cabinets click here.